Concordia University System

The Concordia University System (CUS) is comprised of ten colleges and universities affiliated with The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Located across the United States, the colleges and universities offer over 160 undergraduate and 50 graduate programs. While each institution is unique, all ten campuses approach learning from a Lutheran context. The common goal is to develop Christian leaders for the church, community and world.

Recently a supporter of Lutheran higher education commented, “The Concordia University System is one of the most powerful and far-reaching tools the Lord of the Church has given The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod to take the Good News of life in Jesus Christ to a world desperately in need of hearing and believing in Him, through professional church workers and those trained for other service in our communities.”


Higher Education: Statement of Purpose (1986 Convention)

The colleges, universities and seminaries of The Lutheran  Church—Missouri Synod exist to supply the higher education services  needed to accomplish the mission of the church.

Strongly committed to the Lutheran concept of vocation, synodical  colleges and universities are liberal arts institutions which provide a  Christ-centered spiritual and value-oriented environment for men and  women who will be Christians in the church and in secular occupations.

The objectives of the Synod include the recruitment and education of  professional church workers. Therefore, central to the system of  synodical higher education is the preparation of those who are called to  serve through preaching, teaching and related vocations. Professional  preparation for the pastoral ministry is the special assignment of the  Synod’s seminaries.

Concordia University System: Mission and Purpose (1992)

Concordia University System builds national identity, enables  cooperative endeavors and enhances the strength of the colleges and  universities of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod as they engage  students of diverse ages and cultures in quality, Christ-centered,  value-oriented, Lutheran higher education for lives of service to church  and community.


  • To transmit Lutheran values more effectively.
  • To provide enhanced quality education to college students.
  • To attain efficiencies in operation of the campuses.
  • To capitalize the schools and System.


We must have and maintain Christian Schools
—Martin Luther

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